Triple Outlet Barrel with Hose Kit and Flex Elbow

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Your purchase includes: 1 rain barrel, brass tap, outlet cap and adaptor, 1 hose kit, and 1 flex-elbow downspout attachment

 Why choose this barrel?

  • This is our most popular and versatile barrel
  • Can be used alone or in a series
  • Easy to set up


  • 50 gallon barrel available in blue or white
  • Reused food grade barrel
  • Approximately 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide
  • Closed top barrel with 4” mesh opening
  • 2 outlets near the top: one for overflow and one for connecting another barrel (second outlet can be capped off if using barrel alone)
  • One outlet fitted for the brass tap at the bottom for retrieving rain water
  • Hose kit includes 24 feet of hose, a metal clamp, and extra adaptor
  • Flex-elbow downspout attachment to direct the rain from your downspout to your barrel

 Set up:

  • Place barrel on a sturdy support (such as cinder blocks), high enough to allow a watering can or pail under the tap
  • Cut downspout so that it fits directly over the mesh opening of the barrel and attach your flex-elbow downspout attachment to direct the water into your barrel
  • Fasten the hose with the clamp provided to one of the top outlets and direct the hose into a nearby tree, shrub or garden (can be cut to desired length)

2 Year Warranty with receipt
Education provided on site at each sale