Single Outlet Barrel

Regular price $85.00

Your purchase includes: 1 rain barrel and brass tap

Please note this is for the barrel only.  If you would like the complete kit please purchase the Single Outlet Barrel with Diverter Kit bundle.

 Why choose this barrel?

  • Use this barrel if your downspout is near a basement window or you are worried about overflow water near your foundation.  Rain water diverter kit not included.


  • 50 gallon barrel available in blue or white
  • Reused food grade barrel
  • Approximately 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide
  • Closed top barrel with opening for diverter hose (diverter not included)
  • One outlet at the bottom for retrieving your rain water

 Set up:

  • Place barrel on sturdy support (such as cinder blocks), high enough to allow a watering can or pail under the tap
  • Carefully read the directions provided for installing the diverter (diverter not included)
  • Following the directions provided in the diverter kit, cut your downspout to the right length and install the diverter

2 Year Warranty with receipt
Education provided on site at each sale