London Drugs

London Drugs is pleased to once again partner with Green Calgary's Annual Community Rain Barrel & Composter Sales. Thanks to their support, more of Calgary's homeowners can help conserve millions of gallons of water each year. [grid action="start row"][grid action="start column"]

London Drugs has been working to help minimize their impact on the environment for decades. From packaging take-back to Styrofoam recycling, they have a history of investing in sustainability well ahead of legislation. Realizing their reach extends beyond their stores - from manufacturers in their supply chain to the homes of their customers - they launched their educational What's the Green Deal? program in 2008. Since then, and with the support of their staff and customers, London Drugs now tallies more than 77 million pounds of materials recycled including: Styrofoam, batteries, computers, televisions, cell phones, paper, plastic, cardboard, and metals. [grid action="end column"][grid action="start column"]

In the 1980s, they were one of Canada's first retailers to offer their customers an opportunity to recycle plastic shopping bags. Since then, recycling solutions and the list of items and materials that they recycle has grown substantially. Today, London Drugs' overall average waste diversion rate in stores is 92%! And individual stores have advanced even further, completely eliminating the need for garbage service and almost reducing their waste to zero. Learn more about their commitment to sustainability including what products they recycle and their many eco-friendly services and products at What’s The Green Deal? today. [grid action="end column"][grid action="end row"]