Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre

The folks at Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre are extremely excited to partner with Green Calgary and support this year's Annual Community Rain Barrel & Composter Sales. Not only is this an opportunity to showcase the green initiatives they practice in their business, but also provide a glimpse of the local sustainable products and services they offer.

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Blue Grass has long been committed to supporting our region's ability to be greener including:

  • offering a recycle your "plant pot" program;
  • composting all of their unused organic materials;
  • harvesting rainwater to water their plants and trees;
  • re-using & recycling much of the packaging they receive;
  • employing energy & water conservation measures in their service centre;
  • and planting hundreds of trees in #yyc every year!
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Blue Grass is a strong supporter in water conservation and waste minimization through the use of composting. They encourage every household to use rain barrels and composters and hope to see more Calgarians adopt greener practices in their yards and gardens. Learn more about Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre or drop by to check out their amazing selection of native and drought resistant plants and trees. You can also sign up (for free) to be a Garden Club member and get discounts, coupons and special offers.  They'll be at select sales with their green bucks and edible plants for sale!

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