Alas, our community sales are done for the season but you can still buy barrels & composters at the EcoStore (#100, 301 - 14th St NW)


Our annual Rain Barrel & Composter Sales are a Calgary tradition. We've sold thousands of those famous blue and white barrels to Calgary homeowners throughout the city - resulting in millions of gallons of water conserved every year! And all proceeds go right back into providing innovative environmental programs in our local community.  You can call Green Calgary's EcoStore at 403.230.1443 ext. 222 or email us at products@greencalgary.org for more info.

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Please note: as this is a charitable fundraiser, we don't do refunds. Please contact us to learn more about our exchange policy. Thank you for your understanding.

 Green Calgary

Since 1978, Green Calgary has been your urban environmental charity empowering tens of thousands of Calgarians to live, work and play more sustainably. Your purchase online, in-store or on the lot this year will help support our environmental programs and help contribute to a greener, more vibrant Calgary.

Green Calgary has conducted the Annual Rain Barrel & Composter Sales as our primary fundraiser for the past 16 years. Did you know that 1 in 3 Calgarians owns a rain barrel currently?

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Rainwater Harvesting

By using rain barrels at home, you can help conserve water and save money. Rain barrels are low maintenance, easy to use and the water collected is chlorine-free with a natural temperature that won't shock plants. Capturing storm water at home also helps reduce the flow of water back to our rivers, reducing the flow of contaminants while supporting flood mitigation efforts. Plus using a rain barrel means that less water needs to treated, reducing demand on water treatment facilities, which in the end saves us all money.

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Did you know that food and yard waste make up almost 60% of the garbage from our homes? And when these materials go into the landfill, they are crushed. Instead of decomposing, they result in greenhouse gas emissions. With a composter from Green Calgary, you can easily do your part to reduce organic waste going to our landfills. Plus, using compost in your yard helps soil retain water, discourages weeds, and adds essential microorganisms. The result is a healthier, greener garden & yard without toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

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Can't make it to a Saturday sale? Drop by our EcoStore during regular store hours.

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You can still buy in-person while quantities last on the lot or at the EcoStore...

Date Location Address Map Online Presales
Sat, April 23, 9AM-12PM First Calgary Financial 400 – 4915, 130 Ave SE View Map Online Sales Now Closed
Sat, April 30, 9AM-12PM London Drugs 3630 Brentwood Rd NW
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Sat, May 7, 9AM-12PM First Calgary Financial 100 – 6520 Falconridge Blvd NE View Map Online Sales Now Closed
Sat, May 14, 9AM-12PM London Drugs 5255 Richmond Road SW View Map Online Sales Now Closed
Sat, May 28, 9AM-12PM First Calgary Financial 510 – 16 Ave NE View Map Online Sales Now Closed
Sat, June 4, 9AM-12PM RONA 90 Crowfoot Way NW View Map Online Sales Now Closed

Sat, June 11, 9AM-12PM London Drugs 8330 Macleod Trail SE View Map Online Sales Now Closed

Sat, June 18, 9AM-12PM London Drugs 3545 32 Ave NE View Map Online Sales Now Closed

Sat, June 25, 9AM-12PM First Calgary Financial 110 – 70 Shawville Blvd. SE  View Map Online Sales Now Closed